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As you have read one of the reasons for T&C is to have a clause in terms of which the party you are dealing with who purports to represent a third party warrants that he or she is duly authorized to enter into the agreement/accept your T&C.


We all know hindsight is a perfect science and we all work on trust. However sadly sometimes that trust is misplaced as happened in the once case that recently came to my attention.


The complainant representing a public benefit entity ('PBE') approached a public body ('PB') to use their facilities ex gratia (for free) for educational purposes. This was arranged telephonically and confirmed via e-mail by the PA but the letter that was required to be signed by the Divisional Head and sent by the PA, was signed but not sent. Thus resulted in a double booking and the event had to be rescheduled at a loss and major inconvenience to the PBE. If they had the letter timeously, they would have been able to insist on their booking be given priority and to go ahead.


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July 16 2020


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