Corporate Apartment Group - The Cube -

Corporate Apartment Group - The Cube


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Address 9th Avenue & De La Rey Road, Rivonia

Telephone +27 010 593 6791

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​The Cube is situated on the corner of 9th Avenue and Del La Rey Avenue in Rivonia, it is strategically placed and can be seen from Rivonia Road. It is within walking distance to the main retail thoroughfare, Rivonia Boulevard, which is the location of Rivonia Square and Rivonia Village shopping complexes.

The Cube offers guests the opportunity to stretch-out, work and relax in affordable luxury in the ideal geographic position. With living and dining areas complete with modern amenities, a modern bathroom with towels and toiletries, a fully equipped kitchen for preparing, cooking and serving food and a comfortable bedroom with plenty of storage. There is complimentary uncapped Wi-Fi, daily cleaning and laundry services. The Cube is the definitely a home away from home.

Rooms   29