3 Melrose Road - Exclusive Accommodation -

3 Melrose Road - Exclusive Accommodation

Contact   Caroline Ungersbock

Position   Owner

Address   3 Melrose Road  Sandown Estate  Sandton  Johannesburg

Telephone  +27  11 430 4700

Cellphone   +27  82 880 6350

Email   [email protected]



Company Profile  3 Melrose Road offers executive accommodation and is situated just 5 minutes east of Sandton in the quiet Suburb of Sandown Estate.  This secure suburb incorporates the suburbs of Strathaven and Sandown Ext 36. Highways are easily accessible as Sandown Estates is situated between the Marlboro Road Off Ramps on the M1 and M3 and the Grayston Drive off ramp on the M1 Highway which both connect up with Katherine Street which connects up to Sandton.